Lookport is an innovative VR-streaming service and platform.
Expand your reach by “teleporting” viewers from anywhere in the world directly onto your stage, take them behind the scenes, have them see through your eyes as you jump with a parachute.
Lookport.live is a web-based platform, not requiring the use of a specific app, thus making it more accessible from more devices.
At Lookport, using technology and passion, we want anybody, anywhere in the world to be able to experience those moments of pure joy and inspiration. The only thing you need for teleportation is to register on Lookport.


More then 200 events are available at Lookport now. All your favorite events form: music festivals, performances, sporting events, fashion shows, circuses, theatres and any place or event where they can experience vivid new emotions.

- We increase the geography of the event through virtual concerts in those countries and regions that are not included in the tour schedule.

- We do not affect ticket sales - the possibility of restrictions on geography for viewers is included.

- We give an opportunity to expand the audience and sell additional tickets even at a sold-out show.

Create unique content - VR clips and performances create a wow effect for viewers and are popular

- We provide you with all the statistics about your streams like the geography of views, number of ticket sales and portraits of the audience

- Get additional media coverage

- Showcase the venue

- Sell unlimited VR tickets for physically sold-out shows
- Generate more revenue

- Increase the audience
- Create a wow-effect promotion
- Unique and outstanding content

We are in touch with collecting societies, managers and label all over the world and pay pay a strong attention to the content to be well-protected and licensed.

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